Crazy how time flies when you are having fun. A year ago today Luke and I got to meet Jackie for the first time. It was their second date, and Zach warned us that she was really shy, (if you know me, you know that was fine because I can talk to a wall and have a good time)! However, Jackie wasn't shy at all, she opened right up and fit in so well. Zach and Jackie managed to meet each other and fall in love in the middle of a pandemic... We are so fortunate that one of our dearest friends has found the woman of his dreams. We gotta say, he is one lucky guy! Jackie, we are so excited to welcome you into our friend group and we are excited about the memories that we will make as friends. But what I think Luke and I are most excited about is to see how God is going to work in your marriage and your life as you become one and grow your family. Zach, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this special moment in your life. I pray that these images will be a forever reminder of this day and the love between the two of you!

SCROLL ALONG TO: Holy by Justin Bieber ft. Chance the Rapper